Baraka 2.0 - Our Larger New Brick and Mortar Shop is Open!

On 2 April 2018, we've moved to a new larger location, just across the road in the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village (see map).

We were sad to leave our old shop behind, it had a special "feel"  and we had great times there... but we were also mindful of the fact that it has become too small.

And besides, we were super excited about the new opportunities that lay ahead!

We doubled our store's size, and custom designed the entire new shop in-house many months before we moved. The 3-d designing helped us enormously to visually the new space, and we went through countless iterations before deciding on the final layout.

We focused on creating a fantastic Customer Experience whilst also aiming for a more upmarket look. Functionality was key, and we tried to use every square inch of space to display our hundreds of beautiful handmade products in interesting ways.

A 3d Design Of our New Larger Gift Shop

This was what the shop looked like immediately after we've moved in. Please click and drag to pan/zoom the 360 view image below:


Ever since then, we did a lot of fine tuning. and will continue to roll out incremental improvements during the coming months, starting with an interesting new handbag display.

The shop really looks fantastic, and we are proud to invite you to come and breathe it all in :-)

Happy Vibes at Baraka - Cape Town's Best Gift Shop