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  • Baraka 2.0 - Our Larger New Brick and Mortar Shop is Open!

    On 2 April 2018, we've moved to a new larger location, just across the road in the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village (see map).

    We were sad to leave our old shop behind, it had a special "feel"  and we had great times there... but we were also mindful of the fact that it has become too small.

    And besides, we were super excited about the new opportunities that lay ahead!

    We doubled our store's size, and custom designed the entire new shop in-house many months before we moved. The 3-d designing helped us enormously to visually the new space, and we went through countless iterations before deciding on the final layout.

    We focused on creating a fantastic Customer Experience whilst also aiming for a more upmarket look. Functionality was key, and we tried to use every square inch of space to display our hundreds of beautiful handmade products in interesting ways.

    A 3d Design Of our New Larger Gift Shop

    This was what the shop looked like immediately after we've moved in. Please click and drag to pan/zoom the 360 view image below:


    Ever since then, we did a lot of fine tuning. and will continue to roll out incremental improvements during the coming months, starting with an interesting new handbag display.

    The shop really looks fantastic, and we are proud to invite you to come and breathe it all in :-)

    Happy Vibes at Baraka - Cape Town's Best Gift Shop

  • Christmas Gift Ideas!

    With Christmas around the corner, we have just added several hundred new gifts to our website!

    Our Posters are very popular and affordable

    Also check out the Best Selling Gifts category for some awesome new stuff!

  • New Look

    Like any Hollywood Star would tell you, every now and again you need a face lift! Baraka Gifts and Decor has just had one and looking better than ever! 2015 was a year filled with changes.

    Our 'brick and mortar' giftshop in Cape Town has seen a lot of changes lately . We like to think it is looking fantastic, but what do you think of our New Look?

    A view from inside our shop


    We also spent a lot of time on our new website, which is now all fancy and stuff (and fully mobile compatible, yay!). Hope you like it!

    Our new brochure was also completed in 2015. Please download it and give us some feedback.

    Download Baraka Gifts Brochure 2015


  • Christmas Gifts Cape Town

    Ho Ho Ho, where shall you Go? Christmas is only a few months away, you still need to get gifts for the whole family and the budget is tight! So how do you decide what gifts to get everybody?

    First take a moment and think what the purpose of Christmas gifts are. What are your goals when giving them? Perhaps you want to show the person you care, that you love them?

    Close your eyes for a second and picture the person in your mind. What would help you achieve those goals? What would it take to make that person happy?

    Now decide on a budget. Unfortunately, even though you may want to buy them a new car as a Christmas gift, be realistic. Is the moment of happiness your gift will provide worth the headache of seeing your bank balance obliterated?

    Finally, get to one of the Best Gift Shops in South Africa, like "Baraka Gifts and Decor" in Cape Town. That is us by the way :-) If you want to shop online this is a good place to start

    We have roughly 2000 unique gifts in store, there is something for everybody. Hope to see you soon!



  • Scarves Cape Town

    So winter has arrived with a vengeance and it's time to get yourself a scarf. Not only is it cool and trendy, but it's a really inexpensive way to accessorise. You can order our scarves online and have us send it to you anywhere in South Africa. Or pop into our shop and buy scarves in Cape Town. We also offer a wide range of shawls, pashminas, silk scarves and much more. Check it out!

  • Gift ideas for your girlfriend

    "Woman are from Venus and men are from Mars." That is quite apparent when I listen to my lady friends talking about the presents they got from their men recently.

    Juliet thought she was getting a funky handbag, but Romeo (the twatt) got her a vacuum cleaner instead! Come on dude, what were you thinking?! You deserve to be dumped immediately, and get horribly shamed on all social networks for your antics.

    But what are great gifts for women? How should a guy know what to get his girlfriend or wife on her birthday? First stick to the 4 golden rules:

    Rule number 1, stay away from anything high tech! Getting your girlfriend a games console (that you secretly want yourself) will only get you into trouble! Why risk it? You want to show her you are sensitive, in touch with your feminine side and take her "woman taste" seriously. Of course you will be faking it, but if you play your cards right she will never know.

    Rule number 2, don't accidentally offend her. Most girls are very sensitive, slightly paranoid (hahaha!) and easily offended. Try to think like they do, see it from all possible angles. Like my friend Ian who got his fiancé a one year subscription to the gym. Her response really took him by surprise: "So are you saying I'm fat and out of shape?" He is still sleeping on the couch...

    Rule number 3, never buy her clothes. It's too easy to get the size wrong (see rule number 2). Women are also notoriously fickle and hard to please when it comes to fashion items. You may end up spending hundreds of rands on something she will never wear, and she may even hold a grudge against you for not knowing her favourite colour! Don't set yourself up for failure mate!

    Rule number 4, don't buy her any household appliances. You may think it will help her getting the work done faster, but she will just think you are taking her for granted and insinuating she is messy.

    So now that you know what NOT to get, let's get to what you should get. Get her a unique gift, something you didn't buy at the chain stores and every other woman has. Like jewellery. Girlfriends love it! Or a high fashion handbag.

    Good luck!

  • Cool Gift Ideas for Men

    It's always difficult to decide what gifts to get your male friends, husband or boyfriend! Most men like high tech stuff, but that is SO expensive. I mean, you can't always afford to buy your new boyfriend an Xbox for his birthday! Who knows, next week he may be history and you sit with the credit card bill to pay off!

    So what can you get them then? First decide on the budget. Do you want to get something cheap and affordable yet stylish?

    How about a tusk key holder? That is pretty manly and it is only R120.

    If your budget is a bit bigger how about a nice Panama Hat? Its a great gift to give because not only is it funky but it also keeps that nasty old sun out and keeps your boyfriend looking better for longer! That way, if things work out and you get married he won't look like biltong by age 40!

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