At Baraka, we are always interested in new handmade, well crafted products. Over the past four years we’ve had more than 250 suppliers supplying us with more than 4000 unique products.

Being voted the best Gift Shop in Cape Town, we get a lot of requests from artists and crafters that wish to become a Supplier to Baraka. If you wish to stock your products in our physical store and on our website, please see our set of guidelines below:

How to sell your products to Baraka

1. Email us:

  • Write a brief description about you/your company.
  • Include good quality .jpg or png Images of each product.
  • Include your wholesale selling price.
  • No PDF attachments or Links. We will not open it (security risk).

2. Product Requirements

  • The product needs to look beautiful and fit in with the theme of our shop. We focus on Local, Quirky, mostly handmade products with a South African influence.
  • The product shouldn’t look cheap or flimsy, meaning only high quality materials should be used.
  • Your pricing needs to be competitive. Keep in mind, we need to make a profit too.

3. General Notes

Some products just does not sell well in the shop, and we eventually discontinue it, opening up space for new products. We try to limit the amount of active products in our store to 2000. We don’t always have space available for new products. It also depends on the season: during December and January we are Not Sourcing any new products because we are busy with our Peak Season business demands.

4. If we think your product may work in our shop, we will email or phone you and request a Sample.

5. Please note, we may not always reply immediately to your email.