Hats and Panama Hats

Panama Hats are hugely fashionable at the moment, and popular both for men and women.  It is a light practical hat ideal for the hot South African sun, yet also worn in the evenings because they look so cool. We have Montecristi Panama hats for sale in Cape Town at our gift shop, Baraka Gifts. They are available in the traditional Black and White made famous by James Bond and his pretty girls. We also stock them in a light brown/tan colour.

The hats come in all the different sizes: Small (56 cm), Medium (58 cm), Large (60 cm), Extra Large XL (62 cm) and Extra Extra Large XXL (64 cm).  Just measure the circumference of your head above your brow, or come to fit them in our store.

Contrary to their names, Genuine Panama Hats are actually hand made in Ecuador. The Panama Hat is so popular because it is lightweight, breathable and very durable.

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