Chakra Bracelet – Lavastone and Tiger’s Eye


Our Chakra Bracelet is a stunning piece of jewellery that combines lavastone and tiger’s eye, two natural stones with powerful spiritual benefits. This bracelet will help you balance your chakras, protect you from evil, and boost your confidence and luck.


Chakra Bracelet – Lava Stone and Tigerseye

Are you looking for a stunning accessory that will not only enhance your look, but also your well-being? If so, you will love our Chakra Bracelet, a gorgeous piece of jewellery that combines the beauty of natural stones with the power of spiritual protection.

This bracelet features black lavastone beads and a single tiger’s eye bead, both of which have amazing benefits for your body, mind, and soul. Lavastone is a grounding stone that helps you connect with the earth’s energy and balance your chakras. It also helps you release negative emotions and cope with stress. Tiger’s eye is a protective stone that wards off evil and brings good luck and prosperity. It also boosts your confidence and courage, helping you achieve your goals.

Together, these two stones create a harmonious and elegant bracelet that will make you feel calm, confident, and protected. Whether you wear it for its spiritual benefits or simply for its beauty, our Chakra Bracelet is a must-have for anyone who loves natural and unique jewellery.

You will also feel more confident and courageous, ready to face any challenge and achieve anything you set your mind to. This bracelet is perfect for anyone who loves yoga, meditation, or just living a mindful and peaceful life.

Order yours today from our website or visit our shop in Cape Town and discover the magic of this amazing bracelet.

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