If Poetry Had a Soul – Abdullah Fakier – Poetry Book


If Poetry Had a Soul – Abdullah Fakier – Poetry Book

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If Poetry Had a Soul by Abdullah Fakier

If Poetry Had a Soul is a collection of poems by Abdullah Fakier, a South African poet. As the title suggests, the poems are an exploration of the spiritual dimension of poetry, and how it connects the poet to himself, his community, his culture and his environment. The poems are divided into four sections: “The Soul”, “The Heart”, “The Mind” and “The Body”.

The first section, “The Soul”, contains poems that reflect on the poet’s identity, heritage, faith and values. The poems are influenced by the poet’s Muslim background, as well as his exposure to diverse cultures and languages in South Africa.

The second section, “The Heart”, contains poems that express the poet’s emotions, especially love, longing, joy and sorrow. The poems are often romantic, sensual and intimate, as he celebrates his relationship with his wife, his family and his friends.

The third section, “The Mind”, contains poems that explore the poet’s thoughts, opinions, questions and doubts. The poems are often critical, provocative and challenging, as he engages with various social, political and philosophical issues. For example, in “Poetry Had a Soul”, he writes:

Poetry had a soul
It is a mere reflection
Of the poet’s soul
Which is itself a projection
Of the collective soul
Which is an illusion
Of the universal soul
Which is beyond comprehension

The fourth section, “The Body”, contains poems that describe the poet’s physical experiences, sensations and pleasures. The poems are often playful, humorous and erotic, as he celebrates his sexuality, his senses and his appetite.

“If Poetry Had a Soul” is a captivating and diverse collection of poems that showcases Abdullah’s talent, voice and vision. The poems are accessible, engaging and relatable, as they touch on various aspects of human experience. The poems are also lyrical, rhythmic and musical, as they use various poetic devices such as rhyme, repetition, alliteration and imagery. The poems are also original, creative and insightful, as they offer fresh perspectives on familiar themes.

This book is recommend to anyone who enjoys poetry that is soulful, heartfelt and mindful, or who is interested in learning more about South African poetry and culture. This book is a testament to the power of poetry to express oneself, connect with others and explore the world.

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